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Ron and Cathy Labrozzi started Mailstar, Inc. (a lettershop in Rochester, New York) in 1989. During the postal reclassification of 1996, their business grew substantially. That was when Ron knew he had to find a better way to manage the business.

How it all started ……

One day while I watched my wife hand write form after form for the day, I was struck at the repetitiveness of it all. She had to hand write job orders, job tickets, daily production sheets, note what product was in the warehouse, what product we were still waiting on and fill out post office delivery tickets.

That’s when I began thinking about a software program that would reduce all these pressures. My vision was to some day track all mail jobs electronically and with a barcode.

Electronically it would help manage jobs, insure that jobs conform to most postal regulations, automatically keep customers informed about the status of their jobs through e-mail, generate machine capacity reports and reduce the lag time for invoicing.

Barcoding would allow us to track product in the building, production set-up and run time, and help with applying the correct mail list and postage to the right job. After four years of programming and testing, I launched this software in my own lettershop.

It’s now called Mailsoft Production Tracking Software.

Ron Labrozzi

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“We liked the demo. It showed us an easier way to keep track of important aspects of our business.”

-- Mona Quinn,
Mailing Service Manager,
United Mail Direct,
Idaho Falls , ID