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Mailsoft was designed by a lettershop owner for other lettershop users. Intuitive to your business, Mailsoft software understands what you need to make your business run efficiently. Best of all, it’s affordable, simple to use—no wading through pull-down menus or complex instruction books, everything a busy lettershop needs is available at the click of a button.

In addition, our unique barcoding system helps reduce the chance for errors by ensuring the right job is worked on. Keep your business running smoothly and ensure that your customers keep coming back with Mailsoft.

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“We have recently installed a new product called Mailsoft. It has all the functionality (and maybe more) of other competitors for less than ½ the price. We saw it at MailCom in 2007 and bought it immediately. We have not regretted it one minute. It is a wonderful program and Ron and Cathy are great people to work with.”

-- Martha Pontoni, CEO,
Alice Paul Direct Mail Service, Cleveland , OH

Demo Screens

Job Order Screen
Customer Screen
Job Ticket Screen
Leftover Report Screen
Management Report Screen
Customer E-mail Screen


Job Order Screen

Job orders are made easy with Mailsoft. Record job notes, mailing information, production notes and monitor production on just one screen.

  • Customer—store and retrieve customer information
  • Timeline—track mail dates, list and product arrivals
  • Mailing information—data file processing, type of job, class of mail, inkjet, insert, tabbing, laser, services and postage
  • Job notes—capture conversations and track all job information in one place
  • Production—communicate detail specification of a job for production staff
  • Status—monitor the status of the job from product arrival to invoicing
  • Functions—access reports, new job orders, add customers with just a click of a button
  • Postage—view payment methods and postage costs
  • Administration—manage and track production
  • Mail piece characteristics—calculate the aspect ratio of the mail piece to determine if mailable with barcode, non-barcode or with surcharge.

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Customer Screen

Customer information available at your fingertips. Capture, store and track your customers with ease.

  • Customer—find, enter or update customer information
  • Invoices—view invoices and track payment history
  • Comments—store comments or special notes
  • Jobs—show all jobs for a customer in mail date order
  • E-mail—turn on or off individual automatic e-mails
  • Financial—track financial information (terms, tax id, credit card and more)
  • Permit information—track customer permit numbers and expirations

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Job Ticket Screen

Print job tickets for production that communicate clearly the instructions for the job — imperative to successfully delivering each mailing.

In addition, the save PDF function allows you to attached a copy of the postal paperwork right to the job for future reference.

The Job Ticket clearly explains to production staff the:

  • Type of job
  • Postage and permit information
  • Ink-Jet file information
  • Additional services
  • Product inventory quantity
  • Type of postage (ie. Stamp – Meter – Indicia)
  • Inserting type and order
  • Production notes
  • Instructions for handling leftovers
  • Mail piece characteristics

The job-specific barcode tracks every step of the production process, including machine set-up time, total run time, who the operator and the quality control person is.

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Leftover Report Screen

Manage leftovers with ease. Records the date and time you speak to the customer about the leftovers, never leaving any communication to chance.

  • Select and view options on how to process leftovers
  • View leftover inventory, contact information, job name, phone number and call log on the same screen

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Management Reports Screen

Monitor every machine or process in your lettershop. Available at your fingertips, the Management Report Screen has everything you need to know about how efficiently your business is running.

Management reports give vital information for maximizing productivity, including:

  • Daily, monthly and yearly capacities
  • Average pieces per hour or job
  • Set-up and Run Time
  • Machine percentage usage and more

In addition, you can monitor your operators' production by completion time.

Know everything you need to know about your business with a click of a button. Management Reports can improve the efficiency of your business and ultimately improve your bottom line. Management Reports can help determine if an operator needs more training if set-up time seems to be longer than anticipated.

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Customer E-mail

The contact management feature allows you to send an e-mail message to the customer at any time, so that they know the status of their job at every step. Customer's receive automatically generated e-mails:

  • When product arrives
  • When postage is determined (showing total and average postage cost per unit and postage permit balance)
  • Upon job completion stating how many pieces were processed, completion time, postage cost, leftover count and estimated delivery to the Post Office.
  • (Any or all of these can be turned off)

The end result: Fewer customers calling to find out the status of their job. Fewer staff scrambling to find answers to questions from customers on hold.

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